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I have had a passion for nutrition from a young age. Growing up I loved to help out in the kitchen and eat well to fuel my very active lifestyle. At university, I developed more of an interest in the science of nutrition which lead me to undertake a placement year with Mac Nutrition, further developing my knowledge and experience.

I have worked with a wide range of clients, from professional athletes to people just wanting to improve their relationship with food. Most recently I completed a Masters in Sports Nutrition at Loughborough University and became a registered Sports Nutritionist on the SENr. 

I now work 1-1 with clients, offering fully personalised service to help people achieve their nutrition-related goals.

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I have experience working with professional football players, professional cricketers, international track athletes, national and international level strength athletes, high-level Crossfitters, and triathletes.

I also specialise in working with people wanting to improve their relationship with food and exercise.

Please read through some of my client's experiences to see how I could help you!

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"I had a certain restrictive mindset around food when I first joined. Now, I enjoy balance, enjoy food rather than see it as numbers and good and bad and feel confident and happy in what I eat. Before when I encountered an out of the ordinary situation, I would panic and slip back into old bad habits. Now I take them in my stride and use the tools Fran has given me to adapt and overcome."

Rachael 1-1 client 
Goal: To maintain weight in the under 63kg class whilst eating to fuel her Powerlifting
To improve her relationship with food

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"After years of disordered eating and living on minimal calories with food restriction, Fran transformed my mindset regarding both food and my body. Being coached by her allowed me to feel free while tracking – a process which works really well for me and my lifestyle. After months of working with Fran, I felt comfortable in taking back full control of my nutrition, and to this day I implement everything I learnt, and maintain the positive habits she encouraged me to build. I wouldn’t be making the progress I am today without her entire coaching process."

Laura 1-1 client
Goal: To structure her nutrition around powerlifting training to maximise strength performance, and to slowly reverse calories
To improve her relationship with food, and generally feel good in her body

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I couldn’t recommend working with Fran more highly. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a way of explaining things and pushing you in the right direction that gives you comfort. She has been kind, thoughtful and I feel she has gone above and beyond at times where I have struggled.

Bex - Online 1-1 Client
Goal: To improve her relationship with food

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"Working with Fran my recovery and comp day nutrition has been the biggest area we focused on. During the last 6 months, I have had 4 competitions and come out with consistent great results. Each one is getting better and during these last 4 competitions I have felt really good towards the last event. This has previously been an issue with me and I think it is perhaps the biggest benefit I’ve got from working on my game day nutrition with Fran. Having Fran in my corner makes me feel that bit more confident."

Jamie - 1-1 Client
Goal: To improve his CrossFit performance

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"My expectations were met 100% and then some. Fran went out of her way to check up on me when I all too often forgot to check in and she chased up on me to help keep me accountable to my goals.

I would highly recommend Fran to others. She is incredibly approachable and empathetic and really knows her stuff and how to relate it to a level anyone can understand. She really wants the best for her clients."

Toby - Online 1-1 Client
Goal: To improve body composition and Powerlifting performance

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